This 10-Channel 19 ˝ Power Amplifier (2 RU) is perfectly suitable for professional usage for multichannel 100 V systems and 100 V application techniques (70 V, 50 V internally switchable), e.g. solariums, sauna facilities, thermal springs, etc. Due to fanless cooling, this device is especially suitable for soundless environment requirements. The 10-Channel Power Amplifier has a very low induction toroidal transformer. The most modern manufactoring methods with high quality components ensure a high service life. These 10-Channel Power Amplifiers are absolutely short circuit and engine idling proof with all relevant safety arrangements. They are therefore especially appropriate for continuous operation.

  • Each of these Amplifiers of this series has 10 unsymmetrical audio inputs for the program.
  • This device has over 10 high-quality output transmitters, which are designed for phoenix screw-type connectors.
  • The screw-type connectors substantially facilitate the wiring for signal input. Time consuming fitting of cables with XLR connectors is eliminated.
  • The input signals may be regulated exactly via ten level controls, which are attached on the rear panel.
  • The device is equipped with a „SOFT-START“ mode (net switch on limitation).
  • The LED indicators attached on the front panel of the device give ongoing information regarding the initial gauge of the particular Amplifier.
  • A ground/lift switch used to separate the connection of frame ground / signal ground (screening) helps to avoid hum loops.